Of White Sands & Tranquility : Mobor

Of White Sands & Tranquility: Mobor  Seahorses. Anemone.  Hippocampii. Poseidon. Master and Commander. The Kraken. The Bermuda Triangle. Turbulent, murky, shifting, boundless, briny, cerulean. From Disney to Greek mythology to a mental picture of my dream home, my thoughts have always been centered around the ocean.  It was a no-brainer then, when it came to … Continue reading Of White Sands & Tranquility : Mobor

Step out of the Country

What do you do when people all around you keep having their movie moments and yours is just evading you? Your friend just had a bad day and, surprise surprise, someone bumped her on the stairwell and she drops all her paper and, whoop, what do you know, it’s a cute perpetrator very smilingly helping … Continue reading Step out of the Country