Hello! Let me tell you about my journey as a Content Creator.

My love affair with words solidified through freelancing gigs at sixteen, and I continued to moonlight as a freelance writer right through college, and alongside my full-time ventures. Cumulatively, I’ve had about 7+ years of experience in the field, full-time and freelance combined. I hold a certificate in The Strategy of Content Marketing by University of California, Davis.

My natural style of writing is in-depth, often rambling, and occasionally sardonic. However, I also write technical SEO-friendly articles for e-commerce websites, and heart-felt, tear-jerking ‘About’ sections for brands.

I have written and edited content for brands in the niches of Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion, Education, Web Content, Pop Culture, S.O.P’s, Travel, Entrepreneurship, and others (I’ve showcased a few of them, below).

My most recent Content Marketing roles were with Express Writers (USA) where I crafted B2B web pages, blog posts, emailers and social media content for brands like Delivra, BuzzSumo, Marketing Lab and Campaign Monitor, as well as a Content Strategist and Head of Volunteer Communications for the LetsStopAIDS (CAN).

But enough talk; why don’t you click on the category you’re most interested in, and let my words speak for themselves?

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