Social & Digital Marketing

Hello! Let me tell you a little about my expertise, and how I can help you with your social and marketing strategy.

In a nutshell, I’ve had 5 years of experience in Social Media Marketing and Communications, crafting strategies for fashion, lifestyle, marketing, SaaS and educational brands. Qualification-wise, I’ve completed a Digital Marketing Program from Manipal University in association with Google.

My Experience

Straight out of college, I started an e-commerce start up company, which then evolved, to providing enterprise-level tech solutions like chatbots. As you know, when your company is bootstrapped, it’s the best (and worst) news for Marketing.


Because Marketing on a budget (and sometimes, with NO budget), is hard. It makes you really get to the USP, the crux of what you’re selling, and on the other hand, into the minds of your customers. That’s the only way a marketing and social media campaign can succeed without a cushy budget to fall back on – it has to actually work.

And we made it work! Through various innovative tactics, like:

  • Leveraging influencers’ social media spaces for exposure on our ecommerce platform through trial and error, and
  • Data-driven campaigns (using cohort and a/b testing to reduce the CPC of Facebook Ads from Rs 1.5 – which was the market average – to Rs 0.7)

We crafted an engaged and thriving social media community of 2,800 (organic) Instagram followers and 1,70,800 monthly unique viewers on Pinterest

I have also handled the entire social media and marketing strategy and execution for Stafford Global Associates, an online education company based in the UAE. I worked on a consulting basis with their marketing team on strategy, and adopted HubSpot to transform their website and make it an inbound lead generation source.

And created social media and marketing content like emailers for multiple other international clients, like Delivra and Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor Choose Email Design

I’ve most recently been working with Toronto based eco luxury boutique travel company ‘Truffle Pig’ on social media:

My Forte: Visual Storytelling

I am a visual storyteller. It’s no secret that I love visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest profiles. In fact, my own amateur photography has been featured on a few social media handles, like Condé Nast Traveler !

Creatives and Content Marketing

In keeping with visual storytelling, I always prefer to include rich media in my posts. Which is why, I don’t only stick to the words, but often create visuals like social media posts, memes, and infographics, as well.

My Strategy

The basis of my social media and marketing strategy is:

  • Evolve, evolve, evolve: I don’t believe in platform loyalty, because what is at the top of the food chain today, might not be tomorrow (exhibit A- the recent Instagram scare). Platforms evolve, algorithms evolve, your audience evolves, and your brand communication should evolve with it.
  • Platform-specific relevance: When it comes to SM, relevance is key and communication can’t remain static across all platforms. I edit and personalize the same content to make it relevant for different platforms. Likewise, optimal posting times are vastly different across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc, and depending on which country you live in.
  • Visual Storytelling: I’m a big proponent of using mixed media. Text can be effective as is, but what truly catches the eye of the advertisement-weary consumer is that accompanying gif, meme, or infographic
  • Research: Research isn’t sexy, but research is key. To know the market, your customers, your competitors, and the opportunities you can stay ahead of, I do thorough and regular research so your brand can stay at the top of the game.

Let’s Talk!

If you’d like to hire me for freelance work or on a consulting basis, drop me a message on the ‘Contact’ page, or email me (please be as specific as you possibly can about your requirements, the scope of work, what your expectations are, and your budget) – at