Of White Sands & Tranquility: Mobor


 Seahorses. Anemone.  Hippocampii. Poseidon. Master and Commander. The Kraken. The Bermuda Triangle. Turbulent, murky, shifting, boundless, briny, cerulean.

From Disney to Greek mythology to a mental picture of my dream home, my thoughts have always been centered around the ocean.  It was a no-brainer then, when it came to choosing an impromptu holiday destination to set off to – Goa! Although North Goa has a lot to offer by way of thumping beats and crazy experiences and things involving adrenaline in general, we chose to drive down one evening to a slightly offbeat destination – the less traversed and far less cluttered beaches of South Goa. On the way, inevitably, you will pass by charming old churches like this one and little eateries that serve the most sumptuous food, including my favourite – Calamari!

(One of the many ponds and creeks that intersperse the countryside)


(An old stone church by the road, en route to Mobor. The fluffy clouds made for a picturesque view)


(Beer is best had when in Goa)


The beach we found our way to was called Mobor.

With its pristine white sand stretching as far as the eye could see, folding in layers like marbled vanilla, the silhouettes of darting birds in the canvassed sky, tumescent with pinks and oranges, and the highly uncharacteristically deserted beach (save for what looked like a lone local fisherman, far in the distance), it looked like a dream, like the picture painted by the lyrics of an Incubus song.

(The dying day, in all its glory)


What started with riotous games in the water, wrestling with the waves, if not each other, and chasing around aimlessly, progressed to a lazy game of football and chilled beer in the dying light of day(beer never quite tastes as lovely as it does in Goa, does it?) and winded down with us settling our backs against an old, abandoned boat that had washed ashore, watching with half-opened eyes but fully pumping heartbeats to the soothing sounds of the waves as it sang a lullaby to the sky, coaxing the stars out of their hiding place.

Halfway between exhausted and happy, that’s the kind of note I’d like all my days to end on!


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