9 Female TV Characters That Kick Ass

With the much-anticipated Game of Thrones Season Finale less than a month away, and  International Women’s Day yesterday, we shine a spotlight on 9 kick-ass female TV characters who've made us laugh, cry, and given us some serious feminism goals. While enigmatic male protagonists were the norm of the day, TV shows in the recent … Continue reading 9 Female TV Characters That Kick Ass

Sample S.O.P For An Aspiring Dentist

Note: The name of the applicant, as well as the name of her academic institution has been withheld or changed, to protect her identity. How It All Began As I write this, a grown woman, I can’t help but reflect on the early events that irrevocably placed my feet on the path of Dentistry. One … Continue reading Sample S.O.P For An Aspiring Dentist

Stellar Weather

So, while the world at large was losing its mind over a particularly drab-looking dress, Mumbai was unexpectedly visited by a freak day of the gloomiest, chilliest weather.  Now, while some of you non-Indians might think this was a cause for much consternation, it is quite the opposite.  For most of the year, we have … Continue reading Stellar Weather

Black and white

So this is all I amAnd this is all I knowCan't tell a summer loverTo settle for the snow The last time I saw them Your eyes still shone for me I don't know how to function What is time and space and light and day I might as well be swimming in the river … Continue reading Black and white