Let me tell you a little about myself.

I’m a seasoned professional in the fields of Content, Sales, Marketing, and Music. I oscillate between ‘creative’ and ‘corporate’ ecosystems, often blurring lines to integrate both, in my work.

I’ve lived most of my life in Bombay (or ‘Mumbai’ as they now call it), though I’ve relocated to Toronto, Canada.
I travel as much as I can and enjoy working remotely.
I graduated with a B.A in Psychology & Anthropology from St. Xavier’s College.
I started a company straight out of college, and got featured in the newspapers at age 22. That was a pretty proud moment for me.
My work has had no relation to my degree, although it’s been instrumental to understand consumers, and how they tick – and that’s good for business!

Initially, I worked in the e-commerce space, then chatbots, and most recently, IT and media-oriented B2B products.
Building a company from scratch taught me a lot – fundraising, handling successes and failures, and being an autodidact to function in any capacity, from Content Marketer to Product-facing and Sales.

Did I mention I’m also a professional musician? Since I was 3.

I’m currently my own boss – consulting with non-profits, brands and individuals, globally.
Being a Digital Nomad lets me flex my muscles in varied domains, while at the same time giving me the freedom to set off on impromptu road trips, and pursue good vibes, conversations, and experiences. However, I’m looking for a full time position in Toronto, my current hometown.

If you’re disrupting an industry or helping humanity in some way, I’m in.

If you’re drinking great wine and want to pet dogs or leave feminist comments on social media, I’m still in.

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