The Day of Alone Time

Jean-Paul Sartre wrote,  "If you're lonely when you're alone,  then you're in bad company." Well,  I am personally quite comfortable (too comfortable,  perhaps) in solitude and I pity my fellow misfortunate millennial counterparts (not all of them, but you know full well which cliques I'm talking about) that need to meet five different groups of … Continue reading The Day of Alone Time

Why I Love The Winter

Okay, so no prizes for guessing that Winter is my favouritest, awesomest, supercoolest season of the year. See how I just used those 3 very mid-teen words that don't really have a place in the dictionary? Yeah, I do that. Ok so HERE'S WHY I LOVE WINTER! : Winter does not know that Mumbai exists. … Continue reading Why I Love The Winter

The Biggest Loser

Everyone that has lost a phone 5/+ times, will relate to this post. I realized: Forget a retirement fund and money for fairy wedding. Not happening. Making a Finances for Replacement Phones fund, instead. 2) ALWAYS BACK UP DATA. ALWAYS. 3) PERIODICALLY DELETE QUESTIONABLE ITEMS FROM PHONE. ALWAYS. 4) Purchase neon-colored phone holder and STAPLE … Continue reading The Biggest Loser

Why It’s Scary To Be Home Alone.

So, I live in a suburban 2 BHK apartment, nothing out of the ordinary. It’s not like the building was constructed during the time of some great genocide or it was built over some graveyard or something, as I’m told much of Mira Road is. I don’t have regal, but nonetheless creepy chandeliers that could … Continue reading Why It’s Scary To Be Home Alone.