Forevermark: Product Descriptions

The following copy was written for the Forevermark Forum 2019 invites. INVITE 1: Light Box Option 1 Frame: Our diamonds are limitless, but the earth’s bounty isn’t.  At Forevermark, we’ve worked hard to uphold the two pillars of our business - curating the finest diamonds the world has to offer, and sourcing them responsibly, from … Continue reading Forevermark: Product Descriptions

Kohinoor Tea Product Descriptions Pt. I

Anytime Premium Tea The product of centuries of evolution, this oxidized tea is the most sought after tea in the world, carefully handpicked and brewed by experts from the misty mountains of Assam. Try this tea for its complete delivery of aroma, briskness and full bodied flavour. It can be stored for years and is … Continue reading Kohinoor Tea Product Descriptions Pt. I