Black and white

So this is all I amAnd this is all I knowCan't tell a summer loverTo settle for the snow The last time I saw them Your eyes still shone for me I don't know how to function What is time and space and light and day I might as well be swimming in the river … Continue reading Black and white

First Encounter

Furtive glances Out the corners of our eyes Nervous laughter, butterflies Talking excitedly Over each other I'd like it if we were,  literally.  No certainty,  no temperance Wondering what is your inference My hands are cold And yours look warm If there ever was,  this is the chance You ask me a question And I'm … Continue reading First Encounter


This is a guest post by my talented aspiring-writer friend,  Wayne,  whose blog is called FromBad2Verse.  It's a fervent and bodacious poem,  I loved it! Scream Scream out my name. Call it out. Loud. Fierce. Let it echo in these concrete hills. Screech, shriek, let you voice give out, As neighbours hear your muffled shout. … Continue reading Scream


It's that time of day.  Heading home, commuting, tired.  But the twilight envelops you, and the fallen leaves dance at your feet  And the children run with their canines And the crow dips and swirls in time with your train. But the twilight envelops you, awakening your heart, Swimming in gumption and saudade, Awakening you … Continue reading Crepusculum


Departing from my usual style of writing, which is to basically make everything a spectacle, this was written when I was in a somewhat forlorn place, maybe a year ago.  Sometimes, you wonder if all poetry and love songs aren't just grossly exaggerating the majesty of Love. But now you are barely at the base of … Continue reading Sometimes