First Encounter

Furtive glances Out the corners of our eyes Nervous laughter, butterflies Talking excitedly Over each other I'd like it if we were,  literally.  No certainty,  no temperance Wondering what is your inference My hands are cold And yours look warm If there ever was,  this is the chance You ask me a question And I'm … Continue reading First Encounter

Closets Closets Closets Closets ( A Guest Post)

[To all the closeted, to all the afraid. This is a bluntly honest  letter on acceptance, that my close friend published. Share it with whoever you think needs to read it]. A letter to friends, but more to everyone else. I'm Keith. I'm 20. I've chosen to be many things in life: a helper, a … Continue reading Closets Closets Closets Closets ( A Guest Post)

The English Junkie

The other day,  I was watching You've Got Mail,  for what may well be, admittedly, the 6th or 7th time, and while I was thoroughly enjoying it, sighing in the same manner, in the necessary parts of the movie, as I did the first time I watched it,  and breaking out into smiles of unabashed … Continue reading The English Junkie


Departing from my usual style of writing, which is to basically make everything a spectacle, this was written when I was in a somewhat forlorn place, maybe a year ago.  Sometimes, you wonder if all poetry and love songs aren't just grossly exaggerating the majesty of Love. But now you are barely at the base of … Continue reading Sometimes