I Nose my Cake

So I made a Nutella cake last night with this wonderful species of boy that is going full retard with a spatula. It was pretty amazing mainly because it’s one of those Golden Finds on the internet- it literally contains 2 ingredients. Also, I got bored of measuring the Nutella and decided to play around … Continue reading I Nose my Cake

Closets Closets Closets Closets ( A Guest Post)

[To all the closeted, to all the afraid. This is a bluntly honest  letter on acceptance, that my close friend published. Share it with whoever you think needs to read it]. A letter to friends, but more to everyone else. I'm Keith. I'm 20. I've chosen to be many things in life: a helper, a … Continue reading Closets Closets Closets Closets ( A Guest Post)

Why I Love The Winter

Okay, so no prizes for guessing that Winter is my favouritest, awesomest, supercoolest season of the year. See how I just used those 3 very mid-teen words that don't really have a place in the dictionary? Yeah, I do that. Ok so HERE'S WHY I LOVE WINTER! : Winter does not know that Mumbai exists. … Continue reading Why I Love The Winter