Exploring the Use of Distance Education Technology for Lifestyle Change

In a world where boundaries are being transcended, ideas are converging and countries are becoming global melting pots of culture and genes, there also arises the very real problem of epidemics and socio-cultural clashes that were never faced before in history. This brought about an exploration into the use of distance education technologies for lifestyle … Continue reading Exploring the Use of Distance Education Technology for Lifestyle Change

Bhagat Tarachand Dish Descriptions

Dal Fry Simplicity and goodness in every bite - that's what our famous Dal Fry's claim to fame is. A staple of most Indians that requires no introduction, our Dal Fry is the culmination of a perfected homegrown recipe that adds a twist to the traditional yellow dal. Using precise quantities of red chillies and … Continue reading Bhagat Tarachand Dish Descriptions

Bhagat Tarachand Website Copy

Thanda chaas, robust dal fry, and of course, everyone has a soft spot for naram phulkas!  Whichever corner of the world we Indians end up in, the authentic taste of wholesome, nutritious food is something that will always be unmatched, much like our best experiences in life. And here, at B. Bhagat Tarachand, that is what our food is. … Continue reading Bhagat Tarachand Website Copy

Lifeline Technologies Web Content

Home Page option 1: Emotional Focus Home is where the heart is and we, at Lifeline Technologies, strive to uphold that sanctity of your home. A global front-runner in patented nano silver technology that aims to safeguard your everyday appliances, Lifeline Technologies has touched 10 million lives around the globe. Plastics, since its inception, have revolutionized human living. Indeed, … Continue reading Lifeline Technologies Web Content