Hark! We come bearing gifts of DIY tutorials and smiles this Christmas!

Following our last post where we made amazingly easy and beautiful DIY Christmas decoratives and where to source them in Mumbai, we’re back with a follow-up list of some of the most awesome gift ideas and things to dress up your home with.

Store-bought ornaments and clothes bought as gifts from Forever 21 sales can be great, but they lack that personal touch that a handmade gift can give. With a little patience and a lot of fun, not only will your recipient be touched, but you will feel all the more Christmas-y after it!

18 of the most creative Christmas trees ever


When I say Christmas, you think Christmas tree! This year, you can rock around that Christmas tree whether you are the laziest college student, medical practitioner or avid book reader. Link here.


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You think the danger has passed
You think you’re in the clear.
But he comes silently,  stalkingly, 
With the stealth of the night
And when he comes, 
There can be nothing
But to give in and be ravaged
By the Power of a Memory.

The Day of Alone Time

Jean-Paul Sartre wrote,  “If you’re lonely when you’re alone,  then you’re in bad company.”

Well,  I am personally quite comfortable (too comfortable,  perhaps) in solitude and I pity my fellow misfortunate millennial counterparts that need to meet 5 different groups of friends a day so as to feel a sense of equilibrium and purpose.

I mean,  who else knows about your deep,  dark secret (oh,come on, your real deep,  dark secret,  not the flimsy excuse of one that you have ready to dish out to your girlfriends so that they are convinced they are your trusty inner circle or that you divulge to the intriguingly cute boy at the party so that he maintains interest in you), except,  well….. you? 
Not to mention those weird habits you had in school that you will never, ever tell anybody about.

So,  take the day to celebrate your weirdest,  kitschiest companion. 

I wish I could chill in a bathtub for indefinite amounts of time and play with rubber ducky….. I mean,  er…. scented candles.  Light scented candles. Eh hem. 
But let’s face it, for us middle class Indians, we’d probably become best friends with Malaika Arora Khan than actually ever own a bathtub. (I’m serious,  these stars are swarming all over the place).

So anyway,  since my life lacks the space for a bathtub,  I indulged in a head massage (or should I say, what felt like a human machine gun, since said massage was delivered to me by my extremely robust grandmother who was very happy I was finally taking to my Mangalorean roots), donning my favorite Fuzzy Baba slippers, losing myself to Pinterest and Imgur and taking out a big bag of questionable snacks that my mother gets from Japan. 
Ok,  I’m not even kidding,  since I don’t read Japanese,  the pictures in the description include what look like…… eels.
And seaweed.  And maybe some kind of Japanese snail. 

Well,  I’m all alone, who am I going to tell about these ghastly culinary adventures –
Oh.  I blogged about this.

First Encounter

Furtive glances
Out the corners of our eyes
Nervous laughter, butterflies
Talking excitedly
Over each other
I’d like it if we were,  literally. 

No certainty,  no temperance
Wondering what is your inference
My hands are cold
And yours look warm
If there ever was,  this is the chance

You ask me a question
And I’m afraid to say
I’m lost in the act of smiling into your eyes
As the night grows ever shorter
We move ever closer
Your face fills my eyes
And your smell is so distracting
For the life of me I can’t
Form an intelligible sentence
So I smile
And you smile. 
And we smile.

The Perfect Fish for Lazy Cooks

I know I haven’t blogged in a long,  long time.  This is due to many reasons,  some of which include the following:
1)Holiday withdrawal symptoms
2)Heat makes me slack
3)I haven’t procrastinated like this since my Famous Five days.

As it so happens,  I’ve gone on a crazy cooking spree (which is kind of inspired and fueled by my ceaseless binge-viewing of Hannibal episodes.
Really.  Guys.
If you’re a foodie and take joy in not only the existence of food but the way it can be made into an entire art form on its own,  you want to watch this show).

So,  as I was saying,  I prepared this fish yesterday and it was quite possibly,  in the simplest terms, 
The easiest and least time consuming thing to make.
AND it tastes yummy.
No effort and all the benefits,  that’s what we love to hear, right? 
So all you couch potatoes and sloth enthusiasts,  take a shot at this. 

Baja-style grilled fish
(Use a soft, flavourful fish with flaky skin like red snapper or baangda)
1 tsp ground cumin (jeera)
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tbsp oregano
2 tsp (coarse) salt
4 tbsp Olive oil
1/4 cup chopped coriander

I used 5 pieces of fish.

Mix the spices and salt.  Stir In the Olive oil and coriander. 
With a knife,  make shallow slashes in the fish,  1 1/2 inches apart.
Rub both sides with spice mixture and refrigerate for 2-4 hours whilst you avidly watch Gotham or browse Reddit or talk to your shadow or whatever. 


Preheat oven to 240 • C, to the top element (grill option).
Grease your foil or pan and put the fish in to grill for 15-18 minutes. 
Turn them over after half the time is done,  so it gets cooked on both sides.

Take it out and devour and get fat.

Until next time.