For some people, the very thought of going to the gym or running elicits a pointedly long groan, and, ironically, leads to them stress-eating half a cake to calm their nerves instead of trying to get fit (yes, I’m speaking from a suspiciously first-person perspective here).

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For others, regularly exercising twice a day, keeping track of the calorie count of every meal, and living off Arugula and Bran Oats, is perfection.

Whether or not you fall into these 2 categories and whether or not you’re anticipating Natasha Noel’s #TruthBombMon posts, FitMenCook’s newest meal prep plans or still can’t get past pinning healthy smoothie recipes to your Pinterest board, here’s one thing we do know: If you resonate with the goals you’ve set for yourself, you will achieve them.

I’m going to share my favourite videos, influencers, work-outs and channels targeted at helping you get fit. Here’s the verdict-

(Just so you know, my ‘criteria’ was that they’re super fun, motivating and, most importantly, doable! These guys really know how to make you smile even while you’re breaking a sweat.


Cassey Ho, with her bright colours, sunny disposition, well planned channel and general awesomeness will motivate you to tone those arms and do those squats! Subscribe for her fun videos that target every part of the body with different Pilates exercises. She even does features on meal plans and exercise plans for beginners. Get fit and stay optimistic, at the same time!


A practical guy that shows you practical ways to revolutionize your eating habits. Check out Kevin Cook’s recipes and meal prep; forget doubting that they’re healthy, you’ll want to eat your screen! And he makes it look so effortless!

I also love that a lot of his recipes are flavourful, more geared towards a tropical palate (like ours) and usually calls for just a few main ingredients.

You can also follow him on Insta for 60-second versions of his videos.


Kym, an Amazing Race participant might look crazy, sexy, and is a general goofball. But I love her most because she knows what it’s like to not be able to get out of bed. Hence, she came up with- Pilates + Lazy= Pilazies! Basically, get fit without even getting out of bed.

Yes. I am literally bringing your workout to your blanket-burrito’d butt.


Natasha is almost a millennial household name in Mumbai, now. Dancer, yogini, influencer, motivational speaker, and she could also seriously moonlight as a stand-up comedian. Proof? Watch her latest ‘music video’ that had me in splits for approximately 10 minutes.

I would suggest following her on Instagram for her unmissable weekly themed posts like #TruthBombMon (where she blasts myths, using hilarious pictures or videos of her own body), or #TuesdayInstagramWorkoutWithNadasha (where she shows you easy, targeted exercises for different muscle groups.

I also strongly believe that if you look good, you feel good. The Un-vicious Cycle, if you will.

Here’s a bunch of really cute workout clothes I found online. Click on the links to buy.

(L to R clockwise)

Need more visual motivation?

If ‘before / after’ progress pictures of yourself aren’t motivation enough, here are some seriously aesthetic-looking motivational posters you can print out.

If you have any comments or want to share your own healthy recipes / effective workouts / favourite bloggers, please comment below!

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