If we did a survey of how many millennial women in the country maintain boards on Pinterest for things like ‘Home Décor’, ‘Room Makeover’ and ‘Dream Home’, the results would probably be shocking.

Or maybe not. Everyone loves a little fantasizing, especially when it’s about your living space. There are even mobile app-based games that let you design your dream home and spaces, right from the flooring to the lighting and carpets. And why not? It’s therapeutic, it’s fun, and it’s the place you spend most of your time living in.

So why not actually bring those designs to life? Spaces Home furnishings helps you find the best décor accessories and essentials for your home, to truly give life to the saying “Home is where the heart is.”

Why Choose Spaces?

  • Spaces offers you the widest variety of bed and bath linen, with assured style and quality
  • The unique line of Spaces bedsheets and Spaces towels are an impressive combination of aesthetics and technology. For example, Spaces has bed and bath linen made of Hygro cotton which adjusts to your body temperature; and Nanospun yarn cotton, which uses very fine cotton strands, giving you a higher density weave and rich feel

Highlights Of The Spaces Collection

  • Spaces draws its design inspiration from nature, local and international art, the latest trends and a wonderful understanding of different styles and tastes
  • Their product range includes a wide array of bed linen, bath products, and other home décor and furnishing elements to help your home stand out

Spaces Bedsheets

  • Spaces has a marvelous collection of floral, block-coloured, gometrically designed bedsheets for all bed sizes and in differing thickness and feel
  • Their Hygro cotton bedsheets help you feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Spaces also has special bedsheet collections targeted at kids, like the Spaces Disney Bedsheet collection

Spaces Towels

  • If plush towels, just like the ones you use in five-star hotels, is what you’re looking for, then Spaces Towels are for you! Feel like royalty when you slip into that towel after a nice, long bath

Spaces Bath Rugs

  • Spaces Bath Rugs can instantly add character to any bathroom
  • Their ruggedized, texturized bath rugs are a best seller, and you can pair them with a few minimal candle holders and vases

Spaces Cushion Covers

  • Spaces cushion covers are available from funky patterns, to dual-toned and muted colours. Add a few throw pillows on your sofas at home to lend a more kitschy vibe to your space!

Shop The Best Of Spaces On Myntra

Your home is an extension of who you are, and what you love. Style it to match your dreams! Log on to Myntra today, to choose from the Spaces brand of bed and bath products which will transform your home into a relaxing haven.

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