Headphones have almost become synonymous with mobile phones themselves! Have you ever found yourself panicking when you rummage around in your bag and you can’t find your trusty earphones?

We’ve all been there.

While jogging on the track, traveling, crunching boring numbers on Excel, in the Uber on the way to your meeting, binge watching that Netflix show late into the night, with your sleeping partner beside you – headphones are humans’ new best friend.

And, in the last couple of years (partly because of the style and ease they afford, and because of the disappearing 3.5mm jack on most new high-end phones), Bluetooth headphones or ‘wireless headphones’ have become the new rage.

Wireless Headphones – Myth Busters

Inferior Audio Experience

A lot pf people are hesitant to shift from wired headphones because of the perceived stability and audio experience they offer, when in fact, it is now possible to get the same pristine audio quality with Bluetooth headphones

Battery Life

Of course, this varies from brand to brand, but most of the good headphone brands offer wireless headphones and earbuds that have a great battery life and come in little self-charging magnetic pods that make it super convenient to charge on the go!

Still Need More Convincing?

Complete Freedom

Forget about the horrors of entangled wires, the pesky coating that keeps splitting, and wires that get in the way every time you want to listen to music on the run. Wireless headphones fit snugly into your ear cavity, do not budge even when you’re in the middle of an intense power workout, and are a convenience dream!

Better Sound Isolation

Sound isolation means how well your headphones keep the music in, and block outside noise. Nothing is more irritating than having to turn up the volume to drown out the sound of traffic. Wireless earbuds and in-ear headphones tend to provide better sound isolation due to the seal they provide in the ear.

Multitasking And Calls

They also come with a microphone so you can answer calls at the click of a button, and have a conversation while you’re doing other tasks – literally hands free!

The February Round Up- Best Headphones On Myntra

Check out wireless headphone from these top brands, hand-picked from Myntra:

  1. Boat Rockerz
    1. Powerful and deep bass
    2. 8 hours of playback time
    3. Noise cancellation mic
    4. HD clarity sound
    5. Adjustable ear cups
  2. Soundpeats Lightweight Bluetooth Sports Headset
    1. Sweat proof for active wear
    2. Battery up to 6 hours
    3. Built in mic for calls
    4. Three comfortable ear bud sizes
  3. Philips Wireless Bluetooth Headphone
    1. Crystal clear sound
    2. Easy handling for phone calls
    3. Powerful battery back up
  4. Sennheiser Wireless Over-Ear Headphones
    1. Loud and crystal clear bass
    2. Neodymium magnets ensure sonic accuracy
    3. Replaceable cable
    4. Passive noise cancellation
    5. Frequency response up to 19500Hz

Get The Best Wireless Headphones Today

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