It’s that time of the year when you drop everything and escape to another city for a long weekend of headbanging (or dancing, swaying, woot-ing or whatever it is you’re going to be doing) at India’s most looked-forward-to music festivals! While it’s true that your get-up will be wildly different based on what genre you’re basing it on, there’s a general rule of thumb when it comes to dressing up for these things (just like socks and sandals will never be a ‘thing’ under any circumstances).

So, whether you’re a flower-child, or moshing around at NH7, chilling at Supersonic or flitting from stage to stage at Sunburn, here are a few music festival style tips on what you probably shouldn’t wear, and the alternatives to what you can.

The Roadside Flower Crown

We Indians sure know how to ape ‘dat Coachella style’, and in droves. Now, while this  trend largely caught on a few years ago and is kind of reflective of the Woodstock era, it seems like every second festival-goer got a memo that says “You have to wear a crop top and a flower headband”. As if that isn’t bad enough, most women, for some unfathomable reason, seem to opt for the 60 rupee varieties that are readily sold at busy traffic signals.

Time to step it up. Alternate the infamous headband for fresh accessories like these-


A music festival usually means grass and mud. Even if it’s on concrete, do you really want to be jumping up and down and generally, being on your feet for 6 hours in skyscraper heels?

Unless you’re helping with ploughing these grassy fields or you’re okay with getting stuck with holding them in your hands halfway through the evening (you know you will), you might want to take the saying ‘Comfort over Style’ seriously. Check out these cute shoe styles that compliment any outfit-

Cakey Makeup

Ok, let’s face it, there is never a time when cakey makeup is okay, but concert-time is absolutely and 100% not the time to showcase your in-depth knowledge of every layer of makeup that exists. Displayed on your face.

You’re going to be sweating like your sweat glands were solely employed to irrigate the whole of Vidarbha, so settle for light coverage and smudge-proof or long lasting products. Keep it minimal, your adrenaline will put some colour into your face anyway! Check out these long-wear makeup products and click here for tips on basic makeup application.

Dress Up Like It’s The AMA’s

That gown looks FANTASTIC! Where are you going? A New Year’s Ball?

Lovely. A global company gala? Perfect. MMRDA grounds for an Above and Beyond concert? Er…..are you kidding?

There is a reason why dress codes were invented. Stick to a fun boho or flowy look, or an all-black I-hate-everyone outfit if you’re one of those, and give the satin number a miss. Take a leaf out of this virtual Pinterest look book for some great pointers on what to wear, or just some style-spiration.

Tote Around That Big Tote!

This one is just plain common sense. Who loves carrying big, bulky bags when they’re stomping around, jumping and dancing like crazy people? No one. And if you think you can leave it on the floor while you dance, you can kiss that idea bye-bye because peeps will most definitely be kicking it around and accidentally stampede your stuff for a while before you can salvage it.

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