Fun Box (Web & PR Copy)

Tagline – Bringing A New Twist To Fun!

Think kiddie parties, mix in excited faces full of rapt attention, and round it off with the perfect amount of happiness. Fun Box brings to you Balloon Twisting, the all-new avenue of ‘inflated’ entertainment.

The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Revolution is assuredly taking the world by storm, so hop on the bandwagon and try out our DIY Balloon Twisting Kits, that will enable any enthusiastic adult or child to create basic, fun animal shapes.

We, at Fun Box, understand that not everyone can be a professional
magician, DJ or in this case, a balloon twister. But our kits are a small shortcut to small joys!

At your next baby shower or birthday, give the usual face painting a miss for our innovative craft and watch your little one beam with anticipation as she uses her able little fingers to make her own favourite balloon animal!

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