You work, and you work hard.
You are one of the 400 million professionals that comprise the workforce of India.
But you have big dreams. You might have started small, but you are rising out of the ground, slowly, but surely.

In another part of the city, Kanakia Wall Street is also rising out of the ground. This is the Wall Street of your dreams, right here in Mumbai. Imagine the smell of strong coffee and officiousness, complemented by visuals of crisply-suited professionals, walking with purpose, surrounded by an air of achievement. Around and above you, a panorama of glittering glass buildings, citadels of transaction, success and enterprise.

This is the original home of dreams, a historic headquarter that’ll house the country’s pioneers, opening vistas of Opportunity. And it’s right here, within arm’s reach.

Along with your rising stocks, is an equally rousing chance to rub shoulders with the Greats, here.

We know you have a determined smile on your face.

You smile, because you know.

You are a Wolf. And the Wolf is at Wall Street.

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