So, while the world at large was losing its mind over a particularly drab-looking dress, Mumbai was unexpectedly visited by a freak day of the gloomiest, chilliest weather. 

Now, while some of you non-Indians might think this was a cause for much consternation, it is quite the opposite.  For most of the year, we have variations of one climate: blistering heat.
So no, whilst we sing ‘The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow’ along with Annie, we actually wish for nothing but the exact opposite. 

So today was a day of great joy, spent reading books, drinking chai, sleeping, walking in the streets with our upturned smiling faces greeting thick rain drops, and wearing actual clothes that are not just the thinnest fabric we can find do as to not die of perspiration. 

Here are a few of my pictures. Don’t worry,there’s no blues-blacks or whites and golds because they were clicked to reflect this lovely, resonating gloom.


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