Why You Don’t Need Money To Be Merry This Christmas


[Editor’s Note: As promised, this is a continued from the previous ‘5 things to do in December in Mumbai’ blog post, dedicated to the lovely people out there with empty pockets, but big hearts!]

  1. To many of us in the suburbs, the Damian furniture store’s yearly display is undoubtedly the first big sign that Christmas is HERE. Day in and day out we walk and crawl by in rickshaws, unenthusiastically going about our menial chores.
    Until one day, like a flash of divine intervention, Damian dons its Christmas garb in all its glory. So be a part of the constant stream of passers-by that stop for a moment (or many moments) in front of that glass wall. Big golden lights echoed in their glassy eyes, marveling with mouths slightly agape, sharing a rare moment of communal connection with total strangers.
    And the best part is, the guys at Damian won’t charge…

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