The Big City Problem


We’re not going to launch into an eloquent speech, filled with technical jargon, about what this page is for. Instead, we’re going to tell you a story.

Our subject is a suburban guy from Bandra.

Let’s say his name is Rahul, for reasons of familiarity (since we’ve related on so many levels with Rahul from SSC textbooks and Bollywood movies from the 90’s).

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Like so many of us, Rahul is fairly new to the city. He doesn’t really know his way around except for what downloaded apps and the internet tell him. This makes him realize that this city isn’t the cheapest to be living in if one doesn’t know the nooks and crannies and locals of the place. He wonders how some of his new friends, like Chris and Sasha (getting a little creative with the names now) manage to always retain the thickness of their…

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