5 Things To Do In Mumbai This December


[Note: If you are broke, we have 5 other things to do  for you.Stay tuned!]

We Mumbaikars are famous for cribbing, all year round, about the downfalls of living in this city.  But this December, think again. Turns out its one of the best seasons to be in Mumbai, this 2014 and here are a few reasons why –

Why it’s great to be in Bombay this season.

  1. Festivals
  • Whether you’re a fist thumping EDM fanatic, a movie buff, the ultimate authority on all things comic-related or even a connoisseur of wines and vintage music, there’s something for everyone this season in Mumbai.

    Image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celebrate_Bandra Image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celebrate_Bandra

  • Bandra saw a host of small and large scale art and music events at Celebrate Bandra this November, including the Wine tasting festival, workshops for kids, football tournaments and Kitsch Mandi- the vibrantly colourful community arts and crafts festival. If you missed these…

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