Zaza, Queen of Peculiar


Meet Zahra,  my boss at the current temporary internship. 
So she looks like your regular yuppie,  who has been in front of the camera so frequently that it would take all of 0.26 seconds to go from normal to photo-ready-stance,  case in point :this picture,  and wears lace bows from Accessorize and has Garnier Long and Strong (I actually hate Garnier ) hair.

So what is so remarkable about her,  you ask?  Well,  obviously,  lots of things,  every person has remarkable things about them which I have probably not had access to because I hardly know her,  but discounting that fact, 
Here’s what:
On my first day of work,  she didn’t come in.  She was sick,  I’d heard. 

Viral?  Food poisoning? 
More like,  think of the most bizarre thing that could render a person indisposed and top that by about 70 points.
She dislocated her jawbone……whilst laughing.
I mean,  seriously.  Come on.
How does that even happen in real life?! 


And that’s not all.  She keeps a couple of brains,  yes brains,  in a jar next to another jar full of a green colored goop-looking substance on her work desk. 
When I nervously questioned as to its use she promptly replied,  “It helps me think”.
Like ‘Ohhhh, yes,  this is absolutely, irrefutably the  most unquestionably normal thing to do.  Keep brains in a jar to stimulate my thought processes.  Of course.’


Today,  she got stuck in this award-worthy position with her hand in a crevice behind a desk. 
Why am I not even surprised? 
Give it up for this girl who is a specimen of awesome. 
(Note: I don’t always look like I aged 60 years and like someone tried to fit 12 Easter eggs into a human face,  thanks).


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