The Epic Saga of Cake

So the maternal figure and I volunteered to bake a fancy  schmancy cake,  from scratch,  for my cousin’s Holy Communion.  

These are my  documented  results.  

Part Un

The Everything Everywhere.  

The chaos.  

The Invincible aroma of Freshly Baked.  

The Porous-y Circle that vanquishes Human Resolve.  Image


Part Deux: 

Delayed Gratification. 


Fake snow Flying snow Fake Flying snow. 

Rollin’. The hard way.  Image

Part Trois :

Intermittent disasters. 

Humidity Monsters.  

Making doughy memories. 




part quatre: 

Final Frontier.  

White as Cate Blanchett. 

Soft as cherub’s buttocks.  

The most Communion-y Communion cake.  

Whoopdedoo. Image


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