Gastronomically Lucky


Today I got over one of my several irrational fears (fear of wok) and made a prawn stirfry with oyster & hoisin sauce which was devilishly good, suprisingly. I couldn’t have done it without Samonhey, of course.

It was an eventful day, because of the following

  1. Lesson # 1. Never chop thai chillies and accidentally, in the near future that follows, rub chlli-clad hands in areas of the face. Affected face starts to feel like what Anakin Skywalker must have experienced when a lightsaber cut through his arm. Poor Anikin. Poor my face.
  2. The next Earth Friendly ‘Oooooh save the environment, marry trees’ thing pops up, HEAR YE, use broccoli as pom poms. SERIOUSLY. Have you ever seen a full, uncut broccoli? They would make killer-looking pompoms!
  3. What if there were little Who-like creatures living in these Broccoli? Whilst I was made to annihilate the big broccoli, I had disturbing images of Hometree being torn down in Avatar. Yes, broccoli also looks like Hometree.
    Ok, this is the already annihilated broccoli. Not the majestic Hometreetypes.
  4. My mind goes off on too many tangents. Like, really.
  5. No matter how spicy the food is, if it’s really really good, you will continue to devour it with increasing frenzy so as to get done with the spiciness but end up consuming all the more fire. You end up a crying, happy, leaky bloke.

4 thoughts on “Gastronomically Lucky

    1. Hahaha okay, here you go
      Chop up 4 carrots, a whole broccoli, a bundle of spinach/bakchoy, red thai chillies, garlic.
      Marinade prawns / shrimps in Thai pepper garlic sauce
      Add carrots, mushrooms (whole) and broccoli to boil
      Meanwhile, in a big wok, sautee thai chillies and garlic together. Add mushrooms.
      Put egg noodles to oil
      Continuously sauteeing, add broccoli carrots, shrimp, noodles and spinach last as it will wilt.
      Add salt, oyster dsauce, hoisin sauce and Thai pepper garlic sauce according to your taste buds.
      There you go!:)

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